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Ideal solution to optimize your scrap sorting process with technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.

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SCRAPYARD® is the ideal solution for optimizing your scrap management and classification process. With technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, SCRAPYARD® provides you with the opportunity to obtain a holistic evaluation of the entire process involving supplier quality, processing times, the physical and chemical properties of materials, as well as volume and homogeneity.

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It provides you with the opportunity to obtain a holistic assessment of the physical and chemical quality of materials, as well as their volume and homogeneity. All with the utmost transparency in processes to increase the efficiency of your operation through its different modules

Automatic classification

Dangerous elements detection

Measurement of scrap volume and density

Digitization of the entry workflow

Unbalance Detector

Avoid the risk of accidents, human and material losses by safeguarding your company in terms of road safety and environmental protection. By doing so, you'll not only prevent losses but also promote safe and sustainable transportation. With our 'Unbalance Detector' module, accurately identify whether the load is properly balanced, ensuring its transportation safely and efficiently


It's your reliable source of data

Obtain a repository of digitized evidence to provide traceability for scrap from its entry, classification, and management to its exit

Reduces the likelihood of fraud

Close any security gaps that may lead to fraud or inefficiency in your processes

About Tecnoap

For the past 30 years, at Tecnoap, we've specialized in developing technological solutions to maximize productivity, efficiency, and quality in manufacturing processes. We provide comprehensive solutions with a high level of specialization through a holistic approach to business challenges

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